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Nutrition counselling and guidance


To Ekta's Guide

A Mumbai based diet coach

As a Dietitian coach, I educate my clients about making smarter and healthier food choices to achieve desired health outcomes. My recipes are packed with taste and are customized to fulfil the nutritional requirements of a fit and strong human body, suitable for all ages.


We design and customize diet plan according to each person’s goal and aim 

You can contact for the personal customized diet plan

Weight Loss Diet Plans

A personalized diet plan keeping in mind the age, life style, medical conditions and target weight etc.​

Sports Nutrition

Athletes need the more nutrients compared to a non-athletic person, so the customized diets are also available for the athletes.

Therapeutic Diets

A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that controls the intake of certain foods or nutrients​

Success Stories​

Our clients are our heroes, our success lies in their success