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Weight Loss Diet plans

We provide Indian and Fusion Weight Loss Diet plans according to your lifestyle, office routine or home schedules, meal preferences, eating timings, food allergies, medical concerns, blood-works, emotional behaviour as well as your individual traditional, religious & cultural aspects i.e. they are totally customised as per your needs and preferences.

Sports Nutrition

We provide healthy and nutrition balanced diet plan especially designed for the athletes and people who workout on daily basis and require more nutrients comparatively to a human being who is not involved into daily physical activities. To  help them recover and perform well in their area of sports and game.

Therapeutic Diet Plans

To control the intake of a specific food or nutrient for the improvement of a disease or injury as per the schedule to enhance the recovery by the proper and customized diet plans. nutrient content is depend on the individual’s weight, height, past records of health management.

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Immunity Diet Plans

The food which contains all the important nutrition and vitamins. The focus is on the protective function of zinc, selenium, iron, antioxidant vitamins (E, C, beta-carotene) pre-probiotics and protein. What you eat , how you eat and when you eat influences and affects your immunity and overall well-being.

Kids Nutrition
A balanced and nutritious diet is vital for children’s growth. Children are frequently observed to have diabetes and obesity, which result from overindulgence and unhealthful eating habits. Accordingly, young children’s health may be impacted for the rest of their lives by eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle. However, encouraging children to eat healthily can occasionally seem like an uphill struggle. And that’s where we can help you by creating delicious and attractive menus for the palate, balanced and healthy.

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